What is Harvard, you ask?

First and foremost, if the answer to that question requires even the slightest use of mental strength, shame on you.

However, it seems that it is your lucky day, I shall elaborate for the purpose of having some sort of introduction for this “blog”.

Harvard is more than simply a college, university, or school – it’s a tradition, a deeply rooted and integral part of American history. In our eyes, there is no other institution in the entire country that can even get onto Harvard’s level. Quite frankly, every other institution in the world pales in comparison to Harvard’s rich culture, history, and level of academia. What other university can boast that it counts over 40 Nobel Laureates among its alumni along with seven US Presidents? Cat got your tongue? Exactly.

Harvard is situated in one of the most elegant urban areas of the United States, breathing life into Cambridge and Boston with its colonial era buildings and diverse student body.

Harvard truly represents the best and the brightest of not only the United States, but the world. 

We love you, Harvard.